Eat, Pray, Italy

Eating and drinking my way through paradise.

Day 156-158: Procrastination Station

This is going to be a short blog post, really just an "in-between" one travel destination to the next, but it was my final exam in Italy (and of junior year...eek!) so I felt it deserved a little attention. So... Continue Reading →

Day 153-156: Do Like the Dutch (Amsty Part 2)

Tip: If you want your father to *finally* start paying attention to your blog, just cave to his likings and you'll immediately get a response. Case in point: So hey dad! If you're looking for more cultural delving, you're in... Continue Reading →

Day 149-153: Livin’ Red Light (Amsty Part 1)

What I learned from my quick diversion to Amsterdam: I am really good at making five days of clothes last twelve. Are you proud, Mom?!? So like I was telling y'all, a fun few hours with Veuling Airlines turned into... Continue Reading →

Day 145-149: Barca, Baby! (and Catching Up Part 1…)

Y'ALL. How the time has FLOWN. A few countries crossed and many cities visited, I finally have the time (and WiFi connection) to update you on the crazy escapades I've been up to lately! I'm currently lying down in a quaint... Continue Reading →

Day 144: Siena Yah Later

DISCLAIMER: YES I KNOW SOME OF THESE PICTURES AREN'T MINE BUT THEY WERE TOO CUTE TO PASS UP ON OKAY?! #thanksWikipedia Okay back to reality. So, can we just take a moment to acknowledge that in 3 days it's JUNE?! Just... Continue Reading →

Day 139: Just Pure Chaos.

Ciao, mi amigos!!! Wait, I'm mixing up my languages now?? Whatever it's been a long day. Ciao, i miei amici! I have two adventurous weeks. I drank worm-filled beverages, I attended my sister's graduation via the magic of TECHNOLOGY, I was (kinda)... Continue Reading →

Day 126: Study-udy-udy and Run-un-un!

Hellooooo friends! I'm feigning excitement tonight because this has been one exhaaausstttinnggg week. Not only have I completely stopped eating like a "college student on a budget studying abroad in Italy" (those pounds add up, y'all), but I've also started to... Continue Reading →

Day 121: R&R and Twenty-Fun

Helloooo people! Long time no see, huh? Little old me has been on Easter vacation in the...UNITED STATES!!! Yes, I can only be kept away from Texas for so long (and my Tex Mex, of course). Upon a slightly late... Continue Reading →

Day 98: Buono Studio e Buona Pasqua!

I'm going to warn you right now: this is going to be an aggressively boring post. But alas, here I am, gracing your timelines anyway. I left you all with the blissful tones of my delving into the culture that is Bologna,... Continue Reading →

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