And we’re off!!! I’m currently sitting near my gate, eating a Caesar Salad (yes mom, second dinner…I’m a hungry girl!) and awaiting boarding. It was so weird saying bye to the parentals, they even got my baby brother to tag along! Well, as you can tell by the pictures, he’s not so little anymore, but I still see him as the chubby toddler with too many legos. Dang I’ll miss that witty kid.

It still doesn’t feel like I’ll be in Italy so soon. I still feel like I’m going to wake up in my own bed and see my parents faces every day. But alas, I have said my goodbyes and passed through security, and it’s time to face it: I’m going!!! I’ll have a little two-day stint on my own in London before flying to Bologna, so if y’all have any suggestions of what I should check out while I’m there, let me know!

Can’t wait!

– Alex