Well we’re off to an interesting start!

The flight to London was your average international flight: you sleep, but not that well and not that much, you eat average food, and you get awoken by the unbearable snores of the sleepy business man behind you. Although I did enjoy my glass of champagne while watching American Hustle (great movie, I highly suggest it). Customs was customs and baggage claim was baggage claim. It all didn’t go downhill until I realized…my wheel of my bag broke! Little did I know I’d have to lug it about 45 minutes through many terminals to get to the hotel, but at least I got my workout in for the day! I had to bid farewell too my good friend (it lasted me years) and buy a new one today. Then at the hotel, the Wifi was down. No big deal to someone who is in LONDON for goodness sake, but definitely a big deal for the nervous parents who hadn’t heard from me since before I left the continent. It wasn’t until 8 am the next morning that I was awoken by the front desk and security, who had received a phone call from my parents nervous for my safety. It just takes a little abduction scare to get them to fix the internet…

Luckily it was up this morning, and I was able to FaceTime my (very worried) mom. She could finally sleep!! (It was 230 am there).

If it weren’t for my parents worry, I loved the disconnect! I got to enjoy some delicious meals in the hotel and get a LOT of jet-lagged sleep. Needless to say, I’m not nearly adjusted!!

I leave in the early morning tomorrow, and will get to meet up with all of the other Bologna students (!!!!) in the afternoon. THE DAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


– Alex


PS: RIP to the fallen soldier, the little Cheeto Puff on the left. You got me through some hard times buddy, you will be missed!! And say hello to the new jaguar on the right, the sleek stud. Please last me through the next 6 months ❤