Italiash. It’s my Italian version of Spanglish, because apparently that’s all I can speak now! I’m starting to forget my English…help!

Tuesday night we went to dinner as a group and I FINALLY got to eat some pasta!!! SENZA GLUTINE!!!! My stomach was very excited (if you can’t tell).


But, alas, my health-rejecting body still had to miss out on the dessert (Panna Cotta) and was given pineapple instead (my favorite fruit), but honestly, I think it was really everyone else who missed out when I was presented with my plate…

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.20.21 PM.png

It was just too cute! And after that, it was early to bed (with an entire dark chocolate bar).

Wednesday was a little stressful, as we began our search for apartments…You’ll never question your language abilities as much as when you have to speak the language to natives while, at the same time, trying to sell them on your ~quality~ personality and ~spotless~ cleaning habits (mom don’t even THINK about making a sarcastic comment!!!). But unfortunately I came up with nothing, unless you consider a 50-year-old man contacting me through my ad asking for me to live with him in his single. That was interesting.

And then that night was our first real time fun. Of course I got my fifth plate of carpaccio yesterday!! Tuna, salmon, and swordfish (and yes friends, that’s raw fish slices…are you surprised by the sushi-lover?).


And that reminds me! I’m going to a sushi restaurant tomorrow (yah, I didn’t even last a week) and it has a CONVEYOR BELT. A CONVEYOR BELT. OF ENDLESS SUSHI. I’M IN A DREAM!!!!

We went out for even more aperitivi and found a restaurant playing a little Elvis Presley, so needless to say it was a grand time. And I’m not saying it was the wine, I’m just saying it wasn’t counting sheep that put me to sleep.

Today we had more orientation and a “placement test” that doesn’t actually “place” us in any class, but shows the teachers what they need to focus on grammar-wise. And boy did we all suck at it hahaha. I’ve been spending today resting a bit and looking for an apartment, and I actually have a meeting tomorrow for a possible one!!! It’s just barely outside of the city walls on the university side of Bologna. It would cost about 300 euros a month for a single (which is really good) and I’d be living with a 35-year-old Peruvian woman studying in (what I’m assuming) is a graduate program here and a 21-year-old Italian Australian. The house is right next to the hospital (which lord knows will come in handy for me) and also right next to the faculty of medicine!!! And this is the first group of people I’ve actually talked to, so if our meeting tomorrow works (as in I like the house) she says it’s mine! She and I are getting along so well and are just talking about life and our beautiful disdain for Donald Trump. So, I’m obviously a happy camper. If all goes well, I really lucked out. Wish me luck!!!

Now, time for more aperitivi!

– Alex