So these girls get me into some shenanigans. My roommates for the two weeks before finding an apartment are Justyna and Nina, and needless to say I lucked out big time on them. We went out for aperitivi Thursday night and ended the night line-dancing with our favorite bartenders (but not before devouring this insane plate of meat).


Nina is the one on the pictured with me above!

Friday we had our first little time-management mishap…all three of us slept through our alarms! We had to obtain our permess0 di soggiorno (permission to stay) for which we had an appointment at 830 am. We woke up at 845…OOPS. My alarm was set for 745 PM and we have a running theory that I slept walk and turned their alarms off in our sleep, as not only have I been sleeping walking/talking lately, but also I woke up with their phones in my sheets. I’m just ~mischievous~ like that. But luckily, our leaders were understanding as it was the first accident! We took a long group nap afterwards, then headed for a tour of a museum on the history of Bologna.

To end the night, we had a little pizza party with some native Italians and I got my first taste of authentic Italian pizza, as they got me a gluten free, dairy free pizza! Is it bad to say I ate the whole thing???


I was pretty sleepy afterwards (maybe because I had a whole days worth of pizza in my stomach), so I stayed in and watched some Desperate Housewives to get a little rest in. Saturday morning I had some back issues so I slept some more, and then went out in the town for a little shopping with the roommates. The Piazza Maggiore is WYYLLLYYY on a Saturday night.


Right now we’re getting ready for another night of aperitivi with the Italians and then going to our first discoteca…tonight shall be very, very interesting…


– Alex