Monday afternoon I went to the physical therapist for the first time here. But he wasn’t my usual type of PT…his osteopathic therapy was very European. All of his maneuvers were minimal and delicate, so delicate, in fact, that I fell asleep for a second! At one point, he had to have a (gloved) hand in my mouth to get the pressure point of my palette (I know, weird), had his fingers in my ears to find the perfect alignment, and countless more strange manipulations. During the whole thing I was kind of thinking “Okay, this guy has got to be a quack. He’s not doing anything??” But after about 45 minutes of the treatment, I sat up, felt like my head was in the clouds (he said that would), and once I found stability I stood up and felt like I was actually in a different body. I couldn’t describe what was different, it just was. Quite unexpectedly, he told me my body was, well, extremely screwed up. He was able to guess nearly every health issue or ailment I had just by my posture issues and alignment. It was incredible! He said my jaw, cranial bones, and top of my neck were so out of whack, which explains the migraines. I felt incredible! He ended it with explaining to me “Yeah…I need to treat you. Badly.” I will now be seeing him once a week, and it has honestly changed everything for me! I’m not nearly as stressed or in pain, and my headaches have all but disappeared. Tell me your secrets, Dr Orsi?! You’re a wizard (Harry). Hehehe.

After physical therapy we had a big meeting with all of the American students from other programs, and then we went to dinner to celebrate because GREGORIO FINALLY FOUND AN APARTMENT! C’È UN DIO!! THERE IS A GOD!!! We went to another All-You-Can-Eat sushi restaurant (I see a pattern emerging here??) and went back to our apartments for an early night.

Now today was the day you’ve all been waiting for…well, maybe not really. Probably just me, but I’ll go ahead and pretend y’all were just as excited…IT WAS MOVE-IN DAY!!! We had language class then I packed up my stuff from Cece’s (bless your soul…thank you for letting me crash for the weekend!!!) then it was to my NEW APARTMENT!! Just look at my welcome?!?!

Needless to say, I have the kindest roommates ever! I got another quick tour and started settling into my (way too beautiful) room. Take a loot at this beauty!!!

I really lucked out…this is NOT your typical Italian room and I got way, way too lucky. I’m so excited to live here for the next 5 months!!! And most importantly…look at my new baby!! Say hello to Diana!!!


I even get paid to dog-sit. Is this or is this not the best?!

I couldn’t be more excited for my time here. I even picked my classes with our director today, and they’ll be confirmed over the weekend. EEK!! This is really happening!

Just had dinner with my hotel roommates and now we’re about to (again) go watch the Bachelor. Are you surprised?



– Alex