***POSTDATED*** This post was written Sunday afternoon in the weak internet service of my friend’s hotel room, but was unable to load with so many pictures. So, here it is now. Today’s blog post will be up in a few hours!

I’m alive and well! Haven’t moved into my apartment yet, so I haven’t had any wifi (still…). Currently sitting in a hotel that I don’t actually live at and using their service to write this to y’all.

So where did we leave off? Tuesday we were supposed to go to Karaoke, but somehow it just turned into hanging out at an Irish Pub. Pretty simple. Wednesday began with language classes again followed by (no surprise here) another lunch of all-you-can-eat sushi. YUM. Then our group of Bachelor lovers (don’t judge, it’s my favorite guilty pleasure) got together and watched that, then went out to by far the best meal I’ve had since I’ve been here: il polpo ubriaco, or “Drunk Octopus.” I savored every bite. They ended the night giving us free limoncello shots.

So there’s this word, Erasmus, which is just basically another word for study abroad that was initially for solely European Union countries, but American students have fallen under that umbrella. Anyway, they have specifically Erasmus bars where these foreign students can get cheap deals and listen to way more country music than an Italian bar should be allowed to play. And there we met some friends!

Thursday and Friday were pretty dull days as my non-working body finely gave in. For those of you who don’t know, my health always sucks, it’s just not a surprise anymore. But specifically right now I have a lot of alignment, back, and hip issues (one of my legs is longer than the other because of it…). What can I say, I’m an interesting person. Anyway, I haven’t been seeing any physical therapists or chiropractors since I’ve been here, so the tensions and issues caught up to me and manifested in fun little migraines. So I spent most of Thursday and Friday in bed, and I now have a scheduled appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow. It will be my first glimpse into European healthcare, so I’m pretty excited for that already.

Last night was by far the most interesting night of the week. First off, Saturday started off with move-out day: the hotels were emptied, the bags packed, and the trips started to our new homes. I can’t move into my apartment until Monday night, but I was lucky enough to stay with my friend Cece (a year-long study abroad student) and crash on her couch for two nights. We went (again) for sushi, and kind of just vegged out all day. But honestly though, look how cute is this?!


But here’s where things get interesting…Cece and I, along with my friends Ashley and Sarah, decided to go to a Mexican restaurant, really the only one in Bologna. Strike 1. Then we order guacamole and somehow this restaurant is out of avocados. Like, I’m sitting here with my head on the table debating the worth of my existence, as one naturally would after that type of response?! Strike 2. Then, out of nowhere, a freaking GORILLA comes out at us?!?! Disclaimer: Not a real gorilla, but a man in a gorilla suit, but honestly that’s just as weird? So we see this gorilla running around on all fours in the middle of this restaurant on a busy Saturday night, and it makes its way over to a table of what we could only assume was a really weird bachelorette party. Then this gorilla GETS ON THE TABLE AND DANCES WITH THE BRIDE-TO-BE?! And this was not the appropriate, cute, happy animal dancing you would hope for. Let’s just say it was not kid friendly, yet there were plenty of kids in attendance. And when he finally finished it’s little rendezvous with the ladies, he decided that our table was prime meat. What happened next I can’t really put into words, but here’s a little glimpse:

Yah. That was weird. Strike 3. What in the world just happened…? I still do not understand, and I probably never will. This city is freaking weird.

On the bright side, we got some pretty drinks though!

The night continued with one of the Erasmus bars again (it’s called Bar Lime and I can imagine I’ll be frequenting it often this semester…no one else let’s me play my country music!!!). We ran into our friend Stefano again (pictured above on the far right) and got to practice some more Italian. Whenever we make friends here, we make sure to speak solely in Italian and they help us with our grammar. It’s great practice! Then was another bar, Justyna’s dance inspiration, Cece’s runaway tricks, Ashley’s Wisconsin accent, Nina’s astrological obsession, and some good ol’ sausage and fries before falling sleep at 4:30 in the morning…when will we learn?

Obviously, today was lazy-Sunday-sleep-in day. Cece and I were in bed until about 2:30 pm (sorry mom and day!) and then finally walked around and went to get some food. What we found? Greek food! And the best Greek food I’ve ever had…

So good, in fact, that Cece was put to sleep by it! She’s currently snoring next to me while I make this post in our friend’s hotel. Cece, if you’re reading this, you got to get those snores on lock girlfriend.

So I’m assuming tonight will be a rest night because Lord knows we need it, and especially because tomorrow I pick my classes, see the chiropractor and physical therapist, and, most importantly, move into my apartment!!! As of tomorrow, I will officially have a cute little puppy to play with every day and hold me when I need it most. That’s by far the most exciting thing yet…



– Alex