These last few days have been very relaxed.

Monday night (post-PT session), Nina came over to my apartment and we watched Midnight in Paris, an Oscar and Golden Globe Award winning 2011 movie with a boastful 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. I highly suggest the movie (especially if you love Paris as much as I do), or if you’re into the whole nostalgia/modernism/romanticism aspects of life, but especially if you want to feel culturally-inept (I sure did!).

Tuesday was another day of classes, a nice few hours of cleaning and organizing (my favorite de-stresser), and then, everyone’s favorite time of the week…BACHELOR!!! A few of us girls went to grab dinner at an old-fashioned diner called “American Graffiti” followed by a much-deserved trip to a gelateria. Just look how cute Justyna is!

We ended with some girl talk, our favorite trashy TV show (and our favorite Corinne), then early to bed for Wednesday’s two classes. We had our first BCSP class (classes offered in the office through which we do our Italian program) on the history of Italian art and society. Nina and Olivia (our little art history majors over here) went crazy for it, while the rest of us just kind of felt…overwhelmed (for lack of a better word).

Afterwards we went out for some more aperitivi (there’s a pattern emerging here) and ended up being there for FIVE HOURS. Oops? We went on a little detour on the way home, and found my cute little statue I pass by on the way to class, and snagged a quick pic before an eventual night of much rest.


Slept in till about 11:30 today (is this real life?!) and am now eating prosciutto and crackers in bed. I’m really starting to get use to this…

It’s been a pretty relaxed few days, but tomorrow we’re going on our first day trip (!!!). I think Ravenna, but us girls haven’t finalized anything yet. I couldn’t be more excited!!

Okay quick post, and now back to my raw slices of meat ❤



– Alex