***This post is for Thursday, February 9th, no matter what the date may say***

Okay, a little correction, one month down IN ITALY. I arrived in Bologna on January 9th (whereas I left for England January 6th), and now, February 9th, here I am. This month went by scary fast…to think I’m already 1/6th done with this trip really freaks me out! I haven’t done even a fraction of what I had planned, which I guess one can expect from moving to an entirely foreign country? But getting to this point, I feel a fire under my booty telling me to GO GO GO! I need to cut back on the Netflix sessions and maybe pump up the cultural immersion. Go Alex, beat laziness!

Anywaaaaaay…this post is a week-coming because I really haven’t done much in the past seven days (hence the lazy comment above). I hadn’t been feeling well, so I was sleeping in until the wee hours of the afternoon and missing quite a bit of the week. I’m somewhat of a sloth sometimes?? But I’ve been getting lots of calls from my fans (AKA my mom) saying they (she) want(s) and update, so here we go!

Thursday was another relaxed night to prepare us for our first group house party alla Marco! First, I began my day with pasta, with my own American twist, my very favorite food…eggs (with a runny yoke, to be precise). I made this little concoction to the HORROR of my Italian roommate…she said I could NEVER tell an Italian soul of my inclinations. But just look how yummy!!!


Or maybe just to me? I don’t know. I think the more things put together, the better!

Anyway, back to the fun part. All of the program students that were in town (some went to Budapest…tune in my insane jealousy) went to Marco’s apartment and we had quite the festivities with his Italian roommates and all of their friends. It was a clash of cultures for sure, but it couldn’t have been more fun! Just look how excited we look ūüôā

After plenty of vino and botched Italian, Saturday and Sunday were upon us, but they were¬†merely filled with sleeping, sushi, a bit of aperitivi, and movies with my ladies. It was nice rest, but I’m now realizing how fast time is flying, and I’m thinking how much¬†I still have yet to do!

Monday was pretty average with classes, but, thanks too Nice Guy Ryan, we saw La La Land for the THIRD time. And alas, it was just as magical as the first time. Look at our joy!!!

Tuesday was more classes, naps (resting with the sickness, like I said), and our favorite time of the week…ladies watch the Bachelor!!! But first we made some delicious gluten-free gnocchi and got angry with the boys for ditching (yet again) at our favorite show.

All you males out there…don’t knock it until you try it. Some of the most entertaining trash TV you can find (and some of the best drinking games…thanks Corinne!).

Wednesday…more classes, but afterwards a few of us headed to an exhibition called¬†Lumi√®re! The Invention of Cinema (the name is pretty self-explanatory). One of the most interesting exhibits I’ve ever been to, it delved into the entire history of cinematography and even photography, all thanks to the Lumi√®re family. For any of you film lovers out there, get into this family! They’re geniuses! Here’s a little sneak peak into the trip:


These quick glimpses don’t necessarily do it justice, but it was definitely an awesome experience. After reading what seemed to be hundreds of informational panels (I really am my father’s daughter?), we had another night of aperitivi with the ladies, and early to bed – or rather, early¬†in bed until getting caught into a YouTube black hole until 2:30 am…oops? My sister and I are seeming more alike every day (shoutout to you Jessica, miss yah).

Today we were up bright and early as we met at the Immigration Office at 8:15 am for even¬†more paperwork for the Permesso di Soggiorno (Permission to Stay). Of course good old bureaucracy¬†took over and we didn’t finish until around noon. My sleep deprivation took over and I thought, hey, why not go pose in front of some statues. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, even through my incessant giggles. But hey, our tired, impatient selves got rewarded with some real breakfast including…BACON!!! I think I cried??

I had another physical therapy appointment to today (bless up) followed by a BCSP group dinner that was out-of-this-world delicious! Thank you to Ristorante Nino, you get a thumbs up in my book. We ended the night talking about how the trip has gone so far, basically a 1-month “how goes it” conversation, which definitely has put me in the mood for some RESSSTTT. This day has been too full, and I have to wake up early¬†tomorrow to travel to…Florence!!! Now, I know I said I was going to Ravenna last weekend, but some people got sick and plans changed, but the tickets have been PURCHASED, the Air Bnb BOOKED for this trip so it is HAPPENING. Can’t wait for my first excursion, and can’t wait to take in more of this beautiful country!!! Couldn’t love it more.



– Alex

PS: If you would like to mail me at any point (just do it…I’m old-fashioned and get way too amped up for snail mail), here is my mailing address here! My 21st birthday is coming up on April 29th, if that’s any incentive ūüėČ


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