Alright hold onto your seats, ladies and gentleman, this is going to be a full post.

So as the title states, this is my Firenze blog post (yay!), but because the photographer in me takes over when I’m on trips, I am physically incapable of uploading the approximate ~100~ photos I took to this blog. SO, here is the link to the Facebook album I’m posting of everything! Add me on Facebook if you haven’t already, I don’t bite (and I bring some fun political humor in there!).

Friday began with a slightly stressful trip to the train station (of course I wait to pack until the morning), but we made it in time! Just look in the excitement in my faceimg_0808

We arrived in Florence around 11 am, but couldn’t check into our Air BnB until 3pm, so we explored the city and got a delicious lunch, specifically because I got my liver, a dish very popular in Florence!! We walked around for a few more hours and found the apartment that Nina actually lived in from the age of 2-5…how crazy! And look how beautiful…

After getting settled in, we went out for some coffee, groceries, and oh-so-beautiful sights. Ponte Vecchio is my new favorite place, from all of the trinkets, the gelato, but, most importantly, the photo opportunities!!!

Later that night we went for some good ol’ aperitivi, then off to bed to prepare for a long Saturday.

We woke up around 9 (unless you’re crazy Nina and wake up at 7:30 because why not?), and got ready for the day. Oh, but we also lost all of our electricity, gas, etc. and so I showered in what can only be described as the frozen tundra. I was in such pain Mommy Marisa had to wash my hair in the sink because it was that bad. I’m quiet the baby when it comes to the cold I guess…

Afterward getting over that emotional roadblock, we headed out to the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio for some ~cultural intake~ and for Nina to cry over all of the historical art (that’s her major, for all of you that don’t know). There’s also a huge tower in it, so we climbed up those 249 stairs (to be precise) and saw some pretty cool views.

Afterwards, we got some delicious lunch where I even got some gluten free pasta with Ragu and…chicken liver!!! Again, my favorite (besides foie gras, of course).


Afterwards, we went to the beautiful Duomo (Marisa’s favorite) and Nina educated me about the important artistic styles of the building (I’m kind of oblivious about this stuff).


Later that night we decided to treat our ~boujee~ selves to a nicer dinner. But not before a quick stop at the PIG!!!!! Read this link for the story behind it:

We thought we were going to a rooftop restaurant, but because it’s February, the rooftop was closed and we ate inside. It was still so incredibly delicious, I didn’t even think we missed out on anything. Just look at this food!

We definitely felt way above ourselves for the night, and got treated like queens! We also decided to walk home and got some INCREDIBLE views, since the restaurant was on top of a hill!

We had to fit in the Uffizi and the Gardens on Sunday, so it was a very packed day. The Uffizi was gorgeous, but the gardens were my thing. I mean just look at these picturesque opportunities (that we definitely took advantage of).

After the gardens, we headed out for some coffee (and a nice meal for hungry old me), headed to the translation, and, sadly, went home. But we went home with happy hearts knowing we had an incredible weekend! My feet may have been bleeding, but it was definitely worth it.

Monday was merely a day to rest from the weekend, as well as today (yes, my feet were in THAT much pain), and now we’re celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day with the gals watching (our favorite) The Bachelor. We all prepped our own little gifts for each other, and after this we’re making some breakfast for dinner (thanks Leslie Knope…and Delany!!).

Hope you enjoyed the little update, but once again go click this link and see the 100+ photos of the incredible weekend!



– Alex