If you’re reading this (and it’s still March 3rd), then stop whatever else you’re doing and send Shelley Snyder some love because today is that wonderful lady’s birthday. So mom, a (very late) blog post will be as much of a present I can do from across the pond (besides the flowers and chocolates I sent…I’m a good daughter I swear!).

My last post (besides my little update last week) was from (Anti-)Valentines Day, so there’s been an obvious chunk of empty time since then! Not much happened between Wednesday the 15th and Tuesday the 21st besides classes because little old me was feeling under the weather and was oh too sleep-deprived, but here’s some features from that boring week!

What could make a girl more content than a swinging hammock and some nice seafood? Well, probably a lot of things, but to me a slab of octopus does me pretty dirty.

That week was also rather dull because I spent most of my time organizing and re-organizing, getting groceries, running errands, just basically a lot of adult-ing. But most importantly, I finalized my schedule!!! Peep the color-coded aesthetic.

class-scheduleFour of my classes have already started, while the course entitled “Cibo L’Italiano” (“Italian Food”) begins next week and the course entitled “Storia Del Pensiero Politico Medievale” (“The History of Medieval Political Thought”) begins March 13th. I’m definitely content with everything finally being set in stone! Half of my classes are with BCSP (the name of my program, as you remember) and are centered around grammar, culture, art, food, etc. of Italy, while the other half are with UNIBO (The University of Bologna) and are political science courses. I got to meet the teachers of the political science courses that have begun and, being the only non-Italian student in the classroom, they loved me! It’s so refreshing how welcoming they are to abroad students.

Anyway, back to the interesting parts of the blog.

On Wednesday the 22nd, I hopped on a flight to…GREECE!!! Athens, to be specific. Justyna and Milena met up with me later that night, and Thursday we spent the day walking the city, eating our weight in gyros, drowning our sorrows in baklava, tackling feta bigger than our heads, and trying to understand even a touch of Greek (we were never successful at this). But most importantly…WE FOUND A STARBUCKS!!! The basic b*tch inside of me took flight and before I knew it I was drowning in oversized caramel goodness.  Take a look into our adventures from that day!

Food makes me happy, can’t you tell?

Friday the 24th, Delaney, Nina, and Ashley joined us in our Grecian adventures, but before they arrived (after a rough day of travel…sorry ladies!) we went to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Immature little Snydz took over, and I had a little fun with the statues.

Afterwards, we went for some more gyros (this becomes a pattern on the trip) and Justyna and I took part in our high-class version of Man vs. Food…WOMAN vs. Food.


When the other ladies finally got to our AirBnB, we all headed out to a ROOFTOP DINNER!!! The views were gorgeous, the appetizers better.


After a much-needed 8-hour sleep, we spent Saturday seeing ~views~ at Acropolis! I even put my big girl pants on and read every last panel at the museum. Are you proud, dad?

Athens, stay photogenic.

Sunday was merely just a travel day back home (yes, Bologna now = HOME!), and I was sad to be saying goodbye to the adventurous city, but my waistline surely was not. Grazie, Greece!

I was EXHAUSTED from my little vacation, so the following Monday-Wednesday was just class-home-eat-sleep-repeat (with a little break for our favorite Bachelor, of course, and for good ol’ Ashley’s birthday…hope you’re feeling 22 girlfriend!). Thursday, March 2nd, my mom had to get spinal surgery (yes, SPINAL surgery…while her daughter is across the world…doesn’t sound like a stressful situation at all, huh?), so I spent most of my day trying to be calm, but it didn’t work out so well. To take my mind off of things, Sarah and Gregory took me out for dinner, and daddio Facetimed me to calm my nerves.

The night ended well because my fighter mommy kicked that surgery’s ass! And we even got some great videos of her on those hard meds…I’ll be using those in the future mother!!!

Today was a rough one because all of that stress over my mom manifested in a little sick Snydz. We had to go to Padova with our Arte e Società class to see the Scrovegni Chapel which harbors a fresco cycle by the famous Giotto, of whom we are studying in our class (and for our midterm on Monday…yikes). We couldn’t get a lot of photos because of the minimal amount of time we’re allowed to spend within the chapel, but it was incredible!

Afterwards we got a group lunch and I headed back to Bologna to rest my sweet soul (and FINALLY make a blog post). I know this blog was much overdue, but I promise I will be keeping you guys updated on a more frequent basis from now on (PINKY PROMISES to you, Momma Snydz).

I have way more pictures from Greece, so click the link to see the rest of our fun!





– Alex