Helloooo people! Long time no see, huh? Little old me has been on Easter vacation in the…UNITED STATES!!! Yes, I can only be kept away from Texas for so long (and my Tex Mex, of course). Upon a slightly late return (I can’t keep technology alive) I ventured to England to spend my 21st birthday with my British family. No, a Chesterfield 21st is not your average 21st, but I can’t imagine having spent it any other way. Haven’t seen these kiddos in 10 years, so it was pretty awesome.

Now, three weeks of vacation is just too much to even attempt to update y’all on (and who would read that whole thing, I mean honestly?). So, here’s just a little slideshow of my awesome break and celebrations.


The fun is over, and now we’re back in Bologna (I mean, can’t exactly COMPLAIN though…), and it’s time to study-udy-udy. Weeks of exams are coming up, and so I’ll be spending most of my time with my head in a book and trying not to stress myself into oblivion.

Hope you all enjoyed this little snippet of my vacation, and can’t wait to update you on all the Italian nonsense I’ll be getting myself into (if I have the time?).




– Alex