Ciao, mi amigos!!! Wait, I’m mixing up my languages now?? Whatever it’s been a long day.

Ciao, i miei amici! I have two adventurous weeks. I drank worm-filled beverages, I attended my sister’s graduation via the magic of TECHNOLOGY, I was (kinda) evicted (??), I aced my first ever University of Bologna exam, I became a gelato MASTER, and I participated in many other ~titillating~ festivities.

So where did we leave off? I know it was in the midst of finals stress, so apologies for the days blending together. I think it was a Friday, May 12th, and I headed off to Greg’s to study for our Medieval Political Thought exam. Little did I know I was about to get involved into some crazy Italian weather. The left is my view before getting to his house…the right is one of the pieces of HAIL that fell during a crazy storm within the next hour. What is this mischief?!

The weather kind of got us in a funk, so our studying wasn’t too productive. Whatever, it was a Friday!

Saturday was a sleep-in day, with a little light reading, then a run/super long walk around the city. There must have been some festival going on, because it was CRAZY out! I took a lot of pictures and videos, so if you’re procrastinating some probably necessary work, here you go.

I seriously ended up walking after my run for at least 2-3 hours, because it was so gorgeous and lively! I’m definitely going to miss that in my walking-unfriendly city of North Dallas.

Sunday was kind of a bummed out day, because it was the day of my older sister’s college graduation, and I had always planned to come home for it…little did I know exams would put a big old halt on that plan. So, my super awesome family FaceTimed me into the graduation so I could watch her cross the stage!!! It was a really cool moment, and thank you Apple for creating such cool technology. Hear the excitement in my voice!

The funniest part of it all was definitely when my sister Eileen thought up the brilliant idea of FaceTiming me into the family pictures! I’ve gone ahead and zoomed in for y’all…wasn’t about to miss anything!

All smiles because my big sis is a college graduate!!!!

And for the rest of Sunday/all of Monday (and I mean, until about 430 am Monday…) that’s all that gets to make it into this blog because there was only studying left! Procrastination but finals studying…we all know how that goes…check out the craziness starting to kick in.

But okay y’all, we had to go 0 to 100 REAL FREAKIN’ QUICK, because yah girl only got 2 hours of sleep before the final and still had to dress nice (yes, you have to look nice for finals here…I’d much rather prefer some sweatpants and a big t-shirt, though). Mad respect for you girls who do this ever day because y’all IT WAS TOO MUCH WORK. Can you see the fear in my eyes yet?

With lots of History of Medieval Political Thought in my head and 5.5 hours of waiting later…I FINISHED MY EXAM AND I GOT…A 30!!!!! To all of y’all who don’t know what that means, it’s basically like getting a 100. The grade-scale here is out of 30, and it goes down an increment (A to A-, A- to B+, B+ to B, B to B-, etc.) after every point down, with an 18 as a passing grade. Greg and Grace took it with me and they got 30s too, so we all came out in such a great mood! Yay!

And what better way to celebrate than a BOAT of sushi?! (Hint: there isn’t).


And to repeat history, Wednesday the 17th was another exam day but for my program grammar course (found out today I ended up with a 27 aka a B+ so hey, when it’s in another language I’ll totally take it!!!) and we celebrated (yet again) with food!!! Yah Texas girl was craving some Mexican food, so Greg, Ceci, and I headed to the local Cantina to snag some fajitas and Tequila!

After devouring these dishes, we were gifted some (?) type of alcohol with a worm in it?! It’s an old-wives tale that it’s a hallucinogenic, but really all it did was make Greg and Ceci wanna dance, so dance they did!

It mirrored my excitement the next day when Ceci and I had a girls’ night with Chinese and Prosecco and I had WAY TOO MUCH FUN with this Venice mask. This went on for a few hours…


It was quick to bed that night because we had to be up around 8 am because we were going on a trip with Greg, Sarah, and Sarah’s friend from home/school Katie! We went to the Carpigiani Gelato University a little outside of Bologna to tour the museum and active school of gelato. It was pretty cool learning bout the history of gelato in more detail (I did my presentation on it my second week here!!), but probably not as fun as posing with this so cute so fun, old-timey Gelato bike.

Of course we got to end with a tasting, and little old me even got sorbet and fruit. They also pranked me with this parsley and olive sorbet which was honestly just an insult to gelato around the world AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY EAT IT JUST LIKE HOW?! But most importantly, I got a certification of participation (aka participation trophy), but I mean that basically says I’m a gelato master so BACK OFF Y’ALL. Spot our cute little tour guide, Maeva!


After stuffing ourselves with the sweet treats, we headed to Modena for a quick bite to eat, and then to a beautiful winery and acetaia (a place where they make vinegar!!!) with the brand name Medici Ermete. We tasted some incredible wines (our personal favorite is this little prosecco down here called the “Daphne”) and LIQUID FREAKING GOLD that is their aged balsamic vinegar. They had three stages: aged 12-20 years (the red bottle, costing 45 euros), aged 20-25 years (the silver bottle, costing 60 euros), and aged 25 and up (the gold bottle, costing 90 euros). Now y’all, I don’t think you’ve ever tasted royalty on a spoon, but this stuff was an out of body EXPERIENCE. Three of us ended up buying the red bottle and I honestly am too afraid to even open it up bottle you can’t have your cake and eat it to, am I right? Couldn’t even snag a picture of it because we ate it up too fast, but click on this link if you want to learn more about the products of this super awesome company!

It was a long day, so after the drive home we all went our separate ways and had a relaxing nights in.

Saturday was just to get caught up on sleep, but eventually I wanted to go see the Piazza Maggiore because it’s so cool on the weekends (they shut down the main streets so there are performers and crazy things going on everywhere). For dinner, went to a restaurant called Signorvino right in front of the San Petronio Basilica, sipped on some wine, and founds ourselves some Americans to hang out with (shoutout CJ and Jake!). We ended up going out because it was actually CJs 21st birthday, so we had Ashley and Nina join us and we went to a few different places to celebrate (and looorddd celebrate we did!). Wasn’t able to get any pictures of our festivities (Jake held my phone because I didn’t trust myself…I lose things lol), but don’t worry, got picture proof of my klutz self breaking not one but TWO glasses in the span of 2 hours…how?!


Sunday we showed the boys around the city some more, ate too much food, and basically just rested the rest of the time. Lazy Sundays are what God intended, okay?

Okay now let’s get to what we were all waiting for…the “evicting” part. So it was Monday, and okay no, y’all, I wasn’t actually “evicted”, but let’s just say I haven’t had the best of luck with one of my roommates, and many, MANY events finallllyyyy accumulated into me needing to leave (better late than never, am I right?). One of our amazing directors, Danielle, helped me work out leaving, finding a new home, a good price, reasonable living situations, etc. in the matter of maybe 30 minutes. Danielle, if you’re reading this, YOU’RE A QUEEN!!! Seriously y’all, she worked some crazy magic. After spending a majority of the day stressing about the situation, just a little work with Danielle and BOOM all fixed. She already had me a few appointments to go check out some rooms…bless you wonderful woman.

To celebrate this new freedom, I went to a sushi night with Ceci and Ashley andddd…DÉJÀ VU!

Honestly y’all, I’m so basic with these boomerangs.

A day of major ups and downs (and more ups and downs), the adrenaline wore off and I passed right out. But it was perfect to prepare me for Tuesday, as Ceci and I venture out to one of the places Danielle found for me. It was actually a place that one of the kids in the program this semester lived in, but he had moved out last week (super early!). I fell in love with it immediately…and I took it on the spot! It’s pretty far out of the walls, but it’s just a quick bus ride to the center, and for the price, quality, and most importantly, ROOMMATES, distance was nothing.

Afterwards, Ceci and I got some food and wandered a Trade Market that was in town for the week. They had candied nuts everywhere, so I got some candied cashews (shout out, mom!) and thank god I didn’t have much money with me because I would’ve spent it all :/ Just look how cute! Well, except for that really aggressive dead pig…it still had eyelashes…thank God we ate before seeing that sucker. And check out the vendor throwing me the peace sign.

Afterwards, we went to the office to meet up with our directors because one of them had to come with me to help move me out of the other apartment (mediators are always a good thing!). After two dramatic hours, I had all of my belongings in Ceci’s living room, and boy was it weird seeing a whole semester in just a few bags?!

We had a little fam dinner with Ceci’s roommates and their friend Paolo, and then I had the Italians try PB&J for the very first time…I felt like I was in some type of stereotype YouTube video. But hey, they liked it!

After my last night on Ceci’s couch (love you girl but THANK GOD), we moved all of my belongings into my new apartment and I’ve finally settled in! It’s weird that I had to do all of this moving for a place that I’ll only be staying for, like, 3 weeks max, ESPECIALLY when I have 2 more exams this week but most of my energy has been spent on this issues…but hey! Crap in life happens, y’all! Here’s the view!


So while I sit here enjoying the sounds of Italian children running around and playing coming through my window, I hope you enjoyed this super long (and strange?) post! Now I better get to studying because at this rate, these exams aren’t going to go too well…don’t yah just hate when life gets in the way?!?!




– Alex