Eat, Pray, Italy

Eating and drinking my way through paradise.

Day 91: Three Months Older (and No More Wiser)

Just kidding mom and dad, my tuition is going to something of importance. Today is the 3-month mark of my departure from the States (I know, so European), and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown...especially this last week, because I... Continue Reading →

Day 81: When the Snyders Come to Town

They're here!!!! Or, were? I spent Tuesday and Wednesday of last week prepping for my parents' visit by cleaning, laundry, dishes, homework, etc., so that, come Thursday night, I could focus on food, family, and fun. You can just feel the... Continue Reading →

Day 74: 4,000 Camels to My Name

HELLO STRANGERS!!! I guess we can't trust my pinky promises, but this time I cross my heart and hope to die that my posts will be more frequent. Better? So where did we leave off? March 3rd, one of the... Continue Reading →

Day 57: All About Momma (and the Greeks)

If you're reading this (and it's still March 3rd), then stop whatever else you're doing and send Shelley Snyder some love because today is that wonderful lady's birthday. So mom, a (very late) blog post will be as much of... Continue Reading →

Day 50: Mailing Me and No I’m Not Dead

Okay y'all quick update because I have one angry mother in dire need of some word vomit. Real quick, some people have been asking about mailing things to me so here is my mailing address until July: Alexandra Snyder c/o... Continue Reading →

Day 40: Firenze and Fun

Alright hold onto your seats, ladies and gentleman, this is going to be a full post. So as the title states, this is my Firenze blog post (yay!), but because the photographer in me takes over when I'm on trips,... Continue Reading →

Day 35: One month down!

***This post is for Thursday, February 9th, no matter what the date may say*** Okay, a little correction, one month down IN ITALY. I arrived in Bologna on January 9th (whereas I left for England January 6th), and now, February... Continue Reading →

Day 28: Plenty of rest.

These last few days have been very relaxed. Monday night (post-PT session), Nina came over to my apartment and we watched Midnight in Paris, an Oscar and Golden Globe Award winning 2011 movie with a boastful 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. I... Continue Reading →

Day 25: In over my head

Boy am I overwhelmed! Friday we presented our gelato project and then treated ourselves to a much-deserved R&R. Melina, Ashley, and I watched The Girl on the Train with snacks and my comfy, comfy loft. To all you die-hard bibliophiles, maybe... Continue Reading →

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